Friday, March 25, 2011


This Sunday will be my first Sunday as the pastor of the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (GEFC) in Gaylord, Michigan. I have the absolute privilege of following in ministry an incredible man of God by the name of Jim Mathis (pictured above) who has pastored this great congregation for the past 24 years.

Jim is dearly loved by the people of GEFC, and well he should be. I got the opportunity to spend some time with Jim when I visited Gaylord, Michigan and GEFC back in December of last year. Although it was the weekend before Christmas, which is arguably the busiest weekend of the year for most every person, especially for pastors, Jim and his lovely wife, Joan, were gracious enough to take our family to dinner down at The Sugar Bowl Restaurant in downtown Gaylord.

In that hour and a half we spent together it became very evident that this was a very special couple. I was able to quickly recognize that though Jim and I are different in a lot of ways, in one major way we are identical twins! We both believe with all of our heart that the local church really is the hope of the world because we are the ones who have been given the message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which can change someone’s eternity.

So as I begin this new ministry Sunday morning at GEFC, I deeply desire for the congregation of GEFC to realize that this is not the closing of one book concerning Pastor Jim and the beginning of a new book with Pastor Scott. That is simply not the case. This Sunday is not a new book at all. This Sunday “The Story Continues!” That is why I have asked Pastor Jim to join me in preaching this Sunday morning. Earlier in the service Jim will take about 20 minutes to share from his heart and then later in the service I will take 20 minutes to share my heart. It will be a natural fit because we really do both share the same heart.

Sunday is going to be great! If you don’t live in northern Michigan, than be sure to go to the church website ( and you can listen to the audio recording of these messages on-line. I’m told that in most cases it is usually posted within a couple hours of the service ending.

This Sunday at GEFC – The Story Continues! I can’t wait!

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Eddie said...

Jim has been a blessing to Gaylord, and to our family. Although we will miss him speaking to us from the pulpit, we look forward to see what plans God has for you, Pastor Scott here in Northern Michigan. We know God has great plans for E-Free's mission to our dying world. We are excited about this Sunday and many more Sundays to come.

Alisa said...

Pastor Scott, I am sure you are aware of how many people have watched your story unfold. You have preached truth for many years. I know you have had trials in your life, but none as public as this. I want to say Thank You for not only preaching the word,but living the word! It has given many people hope to watch both you and Laura grow and glorify God through this time. I am sure I speak for several people when I say "I am so thankful your story continues"! You are and always will be a blessing to others while you walk in obedience with Christ. Thank you for not robbing us of the spiritual gifts God has given you. My prayers are with all.

Craig said...

Will be listening and praying! God Bless!
Romans 8:28