Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Weekend in Pennsylvania

It's Friday and today begins our final weekend before we pull out for Gaylord, Michigan and our new ministry at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church. Here are some thoughts rolling around in my head as we head into our final weekend in Pennsylvania:

Had my last breakfast yesterday with my good friend, Rick. Some friends are friends for a season and some friends are friends for a lifetime. Rick falls into the "friend for a lifetime" category. Over the last 6 years we had gotten together somewhat regularly but over the last 6 months Rick has made it a point to take me to breakfast every Thursday morning. We spent these mornings talking about everything, especially the topics that mean the most to us - the Bible and church ministry. God has used Rick in an amazing way in my life. He has been one of the men that God brought into my life to sharpen me. I will sure miss Thursday mornings!

Sunday our kids go back to Liberty for the rest of the semester. Next time they come "home" for summer break, "home" will be a completely different place. That happened to me when I was in college. While I was gone my freshman year my parents moved from the only home I knew (Akron, Ohio) to a new home I had never seen before (Hagerstown, MD). That was very difficult for me, as I am sure it will be for Joy and Jonathan. But God used that short time I spent in Hagerstown to allow me to meet and begin a relationship with Pastor Steve Peters, who became my lifetime pastor and mentor. What a blessing he has been to me over my ministry years. In fact, he is going to be one of the speakers May 1st at my installation service in Michigan. I am sure that God will use Joy and Jonathan's time in their new "home" in their lives as well.

I am excited about this Sunday. Victory Church in Lancaster is starting a satellite campus at the Penn Cinema in Lititz beginning April 3rd. They will have a children's program and live music but the message will be a live simulcast from their main campus. This week they are doing what you might call a "dress rehearsal" or a "dry run" to work out all of the kinks before their launch date. My family has been extended an invitation to come to this "dry run" on Sunday and check it out since we will have already moved when they officially launch in April. I will use my Monday blog posting to tell you what it was like to attend church in a theater.

Beginning next week at my "Hope For Hurting Pastors" blog (address below) I will be starting a series of posts sharing some of the lessons I learned when it came to looking for a new ministry.

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Tiffany Lawrence said...

First what is an "end week" :)
second- does a church in a theater serve popcorn instead of having a coffee connection?

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Tiffany! "End Week" is a play on words. It is "Weekend" re-done to mean "end of the week". Pretty confusing, huh? I'm sure it won't be the last time some of the terms you hear me say will confuse you!!! BTW - if the church serves popcorn in the theater Sunday I will be really, really impressed! I just don't think I can sit in a cinema for anything without eating popcorn!

Rick Glass said...

Will miss Thurs breakfast too, bro. We'll skype over coffee. Love you bro!

Pastor Scott said...

Rick - It's a deal! Thanks for letting God use you to make me more like Jesus!

Tiffany said...

LOL- I got the end week :) I should mention I need a "sarcasm" button..... often.

Anonymous said...

We want to wish you well and God's blessings on you new church. We will miss your bible teaching on Sundays.

We will pray for you and your family in your new adventure.

Might be a little colder in Michigan!

God Bless
John and Nancy White
Noah and Barbara Wenger

Pastor Scott said...

John, Nancy, Noah and Barbara: Thank you so very, very much! We certaily miss all of you and appreciate so much your kind words of encouragement, but more importantly, we appreciate your prayers! Blessings to you as you continue to follow Jesus!