Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting To Know The New Pastor (Part 3)

Today is another "Getting to Know the New Pastor" blog posting for the benefit of the church family at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (Gaylord, Michigan). I have already revealed the real me when it comes to food and sports.


Favorite Book of the Bible: Philippians

Favorite Bible Character: Joshua

Favorite Gospel Account: Mark

Favorite Verse in the Bible: Ephesians 3:20

Favorite Spiritual Hero: Dr Jerry Falwell

Favorite Speakers: Dr Ed Dobson, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley

Favorite Authors: John Ortberg, Charles Swindol, Bill Hybels

Favorite Miracle of Jesus: Feeding of the 5,000

Favorite All-Time Singer/Song-Writer: Keith Green

Favorite Worship Chorus: Mighty To Save

Favorite Christian Music Group: Casting Crowns

Favorite Hymn: All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name

Favorite Book: "Laugh Again" by Charles Swindol

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Linda Goodale said...

Okay you are redeeming yourself after the NASCAR thing. Casting Crowns are awesome. But what about Rich Mullins?

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Linda! Rich Mullins was an awesome singer/song-writer as well. I loved his Ragamuffin Band!

TheJoyOfTheLORDisMyStrength said...

I think of you and Laura when I hear "I See You" by Rich Mullins(recently recorded by Scott Riggin) and pray for you two!! Love you all and so thankful for what God has done!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Janice! Your family will always be special to Laura and me. We will be in West Milton this November for Missions Conference. Looking forward to seeing all of you again!

Amy Hoffman said...

Don't forgot to tell them how much you LOVE country music!!

Pastor Scott said...

Amy - I have to keep some surprises for them! BTW, it sure was great to hear you sing again last Sunday at the Theater campus (especially since none of the songs were country)!