Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Mountain Quote

Two Sunday's ago Laura and I were down at Liberty Univeristy in Lynchburg, VA with our kids so we could be together when the Gaylord E-Free Church (GEFC) in Gaylord, Michigan called us following their congregational vote regardiing extending a call to me to become their next Senior/Lead Pastor. Both of my kids are students at Liberty and my wife and I both graduated from Liberty back in 1987 (almost a quarter century ago - WOW!)!

On that Sunday, my wife, daughter and I hiked up to the LU monogram which is on top of Candler's Mountain (or what is called today Liberty Mountain). Jonathan couldn't join us for this hike due to needing to work on a paper (good decision!). There is a gazebo at the very top of the monogram. Dr Falwell and his son, Jerry Jr, spent time sitting in this monogram talking to some Liberty students the day before he went home to be with the Lord.

Last year's Senior class gave as a class gift a memorial marker that now sits up by the LU monogram. It is a picture of what that mountain looked like back in 1972, before Liberty started its campus on its grounds. It is amazing to look at that picture and then look up and see what it looks like today with this amazing campus covering it. What a testimony to the faith and vision that one man had to believe God for great things.

As I read the description on this marker, I was gripped with a quote from Dr Falwell that it contained. It was perfect to read as I reflected on the last year, the coming call from the Gaylord E-Free Church, and what the Lord has in store for me, my family and GEFC in the future. I may not have the quote exactly word perfect, but here it is as best as I remember it:

"Don't tell God how big your mountain is - tell the mountain how big your God is!"

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trendsbytracey said...

Pastor Scott, I heard this quote a few months ago on the The Message (Christian music channel on Sirius-XM radio). They did not mention who originally said it. It's nice to know where it came from. It's become one of my favorites. Congratulations on becoming GEFC's new Senior Pastor. What a lucky congregation to have you! You have a gift for reaching out and teaching in a way that's truly understanding. Best Wishes to you and your family as you embark on this new journey. Sincerely, Tracey Denlinger

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Tracey! Thanks for your kind words. We hope you can make it to Rick and Ginger Glass' Sat night. I'm not sure if Dr Falwell originated that quote - but he definitely used it. Blessings to you and your family!