Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting To Know The New Pastor (Part 2)

I am using a few blog postings to allow the good folks at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (GEFC) to get to know me as their new pastor. As I told you in yesterday's posting, this is going to transparetly show me as I am - the good, the bad and the ugly. Yesterday's topic was food.


Favorite Sport: Baseball
Least Favorite Sport: NASCAR

Favorite Pro Baseall Team: Cleveland Indians
Least Favorite Pro Baseball Team: New York Yankees

Favorite Pro Football Team: Cleveland Browns
Least Favorite Pro Football Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite Pro Basketball Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Least Favorite Pro Basketball Team: Miami Heat

Favorite Pro Hockey Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Least Favrotie Pro Hockey Team: Detroit Red Wings

Favorite College Team: Ohio State University
Least Favorite College Team: University of Michigan

Favorite College Conference: Big Ten
Least Favorite College Conference: SEC

Favorite Moment In Sports History: Miracle On Ice (Lake Placid)
Least Favorite: Art Modell Moves The Browns To Baltimore

Number of Major League Baseball Stadiums I've Visited: 24

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Tiffany Lawrence said...

Totally agree with the least favorite college team... I have to remember to dig out that Penn State lion stencil before you get moved into the office at the church.... hmm I'm sure Newell and a few others would help me paint your office :)

Linda Goodale said...

Can I take back the I make a great liverwurst sandwhich? Don't like NASCAR! Or the Red Wings! No Tigers either. What's next?

Pastor Scott said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Linda! But I do like Jesus! At least we will be able to agree on that!

Pastor Scott said...

Oh, Tiffany, don't do me any favors. After living in Penn State territory I am tired of seeing those Blue and White colors.

Joy said...

Never get tired of JoePa and the PSU Blue and White...and I bleed Black and Gold. Sure is a good thing I got to know you and love you as my pastor before I knew your sports teams, huh?

Spent some time with about 25 or so "old" friends last night and one of the topics of conversations was your move to Gaylord...and then a couple shared some past experiences with wise counsel you gave them so many years ago. I told them all to look you up here. Karen Hainline and Jane Bond specifically said hello.

You folks in Gaylord will be blessed!

kimmer4life said...

Whoo Hoo My beloved IRISH didn't make your least favorite list!!!!! See you Soon!

Pastor Scott said...

Kim - you're lucky I didn't list my top 3 teams I like least - after Michigan would have come Penn State followed closely by those Irish!

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Joy! WOW! Just hearing those names brings back a lot of really good memories from ministry days in the great state of Ohio! Blessings to all of you!