Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snowman Cam

Since announcing that we would be moving to Gaylord, Michigan where I will be serving as the new Senior/Lead Pastor at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church, we have been asked a lot about the weather in northern Michigan. Is it cold up there? Do they get snow up there? Yep, it gets cold up there! Yep, they get snow up there. When I was going through the process of dialoguing with the church it seemed that every time I talked to someone the average snowfall per year increased. Actually, I think the average is a little over 150 inches a year.

When we were visiting there the locals had some "funnies" concerning weather and the seasons. One local told me that they like to call summer "July"! Another said that they only get two seasons - winter and three months of bad snowmobiling weather! But if you really want to know what the weather (especially in the winter) is like in Gaylord, Michigan on any given day, 24 hours of the day or night, we found the best tool to us. While we were spending time researching Gaylord, Michigan on the web, we found a website that will "show" you a live feed of the weather in Gaylord 24 hours a day. It is:

Someone in Gaylord built a wooden snowman outside of their house and put a web cam on it so that it gives off a live feed. You can always see if it is snowing or not and how much snow is on the ground due to a measuring stick that is next to the snowman. There is also a temperature gauge next to the snowman so that you can also see how cold it is. You can even see how windy it is by looking at how much the scarf around the snowman's neck is blowing.

We've had a lot of fun watching the Snowman Cam. In fact, when we as a family visited Gaylord, Michigan the weekend before Christmas, we went on an adventure and found the snowman. We had a blast standing at the snowman and calling friends and family who were watching us live on the web. The picture above is our family at the Snowman Cam. So, if you ever get the urge to know what the weather is like in Gaylord, Michigan - no matter what time of the day or night - just log into the Snowman Cam at:

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Marcus said...

Hi Pastor Scott - the person responsible for is becoming a member of GEFC. I'll introduce you to him when you arrive to lead us.

Pastor Scott said...

Marcus - how wonderful! I can't wait to meet him. We are big fans of the "Snowman Cam"!