Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Questions From The Staff

This past Monday was my first full day with the Staff at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (GEFC). I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to work day in and day out with such a group of talented and committed people. The majority of each Monday is spent together as a staff. We start with a staff prayer time when we all come together and pray for the needs of the church family, the ministries of the church and for each other. I can already tell that this hour will be my favorite hour of the week. Following that there is a staff meeting with all the pastors, ministry leaders and the office manager to work through ministry logistics. Then, as a full staff we all gather together again for lunch.

As we gathered for lunch this past Monday, which was my first Monday with the staff, I was presented with questions supposedly written by each individual staff member. In actuality they were all written by the same "ghost writer"! Below are the questions. I won't give the names of the staff members that were creatively attached to each. If you are part of GEFC, I will let you guess that for yourselves. Here are the questions.

If you could be in the crowd and witness anything in the life of Jesus (not counting the Crucifixion), what would it be? My answer: The Feeding of the Multitude!

Kirk or Picard? My answer: Kirk!

If you had a choice between listening to Elvis' "Gospel Hits" or the Gaithers' "Rock-n-Roll Favorites," who would you choose and why? My answer: The Gaithers' Rock-n-Roll Favorites because no such recording exists!

Could you preach a sermon on the verse that speaks of cleanliness being next to godliness as it would make my job easier? My answer: Sure...but first we would have to add that verse to the Bible since it isn't in there!

Does God really forgive us for all of our sins? Even if they were committed in the 60's? My answer: Only if it involved no "funny weed"!

Do you like coconut in your desserts? My answer: Absolutely not!

If you could ask God one question, what would you ask? My answer: Why has it been so long since any professional team from Cleveland has won a championship?

In counseling, do you prefer to share God's love in order to draw them in or share God's wrath to drive them in? My answer: It depends on who I am counseling at the time!

Do you prefer the congregation to do "the wave" in the worship service or to form a "mosh pit"? My answer: Let's go with the mosh pit!

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Eddie said...

ROTFL! I love it! However Pastor Joe, I mean 'ghost writer 2' forgot to ask, Cybermen or Daleks?