Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tightening The Belt

With two kids in college now and dual college tuition bills, it is past time for us to "tighten the old belt" when it comes to family finances. We have already made the decision to change dentists because a new insurance plan will save us money. This is tough because we love our dentist. We are also now shopping around for different areas of spending including all of our insurance as well as our oil supplier among others. We need a new furnace so we are going to be shopping around for the best price there as well. I guess I can't help but ask myself,

"Why did we wait until college tuition became a reality to take the extra time to shop around for these types of costs? Why didn't we do it earlier simply because it is a matter of good stewardship?"

After all, stewardship isn't just about the 10% you put in the offering each Sunday. It is also about the way you use, spend and save the other 90% as well. After all, it ALL came from God to begin with and it ALL belongs to Him even after He gives it to us. I'm not the owner of it - I'm just the manager!

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