Monday, August 23, 2010

Haiti - Day 5

Haiti day 5; work day 4 - Yesterday as the walls reached the roof line, I asked the Haitian builder in charge what we would be doing on Thursday. He told me that we would be starting to pour the concrete floor. I wasn't sure that he understood my question because I wasn't sure how we would be involved in pouring the floor. We'll today we found out. The Haitians mixed the concrete on the ground outside the church building and the American team leveled the concrete as it was delivered in five gallon buckets...half full. It took hundreds of trips to accomplish this task. By the end of the day we had poured about 1/3 of the floor. Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow? We also discovered the purpose for the gravel that the young people had been making all week...they took large rocks and beat on them until they had lots of small pieces of gravel. That gravel was mixed with the sand to become part of the floor.It's still very hot and humid and so we took lots of breaks. We took turns leveling the concrete on the floor.The Haitian team finally finished the outhouse near the work site that was supposed to be build before we arrived. Don't ask...This will be the facilities for the church and the surrounding the neighborhood.Tomorrow's the last day. We're beginning to think of our trip back to the States. Some of the men began to play games with the children that have been around the work site all week. They're planning to do a Bible story for them tomorrow.

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