Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Leadership Development Program

I am out in Colorado Springs this week at a Leadership Development Program. The main aspect of this program is to show you through many different tools what kind of leader you are. Believe me, it isn't easy because you clearly see all your weaknesses and that is difficult - especially for me. But I am learning much that I know God is going to use in my life and in my ministry. In the weeks to come I will blog much of what I have learned as a way to help me process it and be transparent to others.

As excited as I am about the leadership information I am even more excited about the many spiritual conversations I am being able to have as this is a corporate training - not a Christian based training. As a result, having a pastor in the class is a bit unusual and God has used that to open many wonderful doors for me to talk with them about Christ.

I appreciate your prayers the rest of this week that I will learn everything God wants me to learn while at the same time being able to make a spiritual impact on these wonderful men and women that I am spening 12 hours a day with this week.

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