Monday, August 23, 2010

Haiti - Day 2

Below are continued reports from our team that recently was involved in helping to rebuild a church in Haiti that was destroyed during the earthquake.

Day 2...The first day on the job. We woke up at 5 AM for devotions and breakfast. We arrived at the job site around 6:15 AM. We were super motivated half believing that we would be able to lay all the block by quitting time. The weather was super warm getting up to 115 F with the heat index. We were able to pretty much able to stick with the work and by about 3 PM most of the block was laid up to the first pour. We had the pleasure of meeting our Haitian co-workers that would be with us for the week. Several young teens showed up and began to break large rocks in to small pieces...we haven't figured out what this gravel will be used the end of the week we'll know.We went back to our house in the late afternoon ready for some rest and cooling off time.

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