Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worth the Trip

Each Sunday I am amazed at how God works in and through our ministry here at E-Free. We have seen in our “I Love My Church” study the last 3 weeks that the early believers were filled with a “sense of awe” at the evident work of God in their midst. I am feeling that sense of awe here as well! What a great Lord’s Day God gave to us last Sunday. I could share with you many stories that I have heard but let me just share 3 of them with you that I hope will be as encouraging to you as they were to me :

One lady in the church actually sent flowers to our Worship Arts team at the church on Monday to express her appreciation for all that they do and the way God is using them each Sunday. That is so cool! I have never heard of that being done before.

I met a pastor Sunday who was vacationing up this way from his home in Ohio. He came up to me after the service and expressed to me how amazing the service was and how he could sense that God is doing something special in our church.

I also talked with a couple who drove over 100 miles one way just to attend our church last Sunday. She had attended the Woman to Woman Conference the weekend before and had stayed over that Sunday for the service and loved it. She and her husband are looking for a new church in their area but are not being able to find one where Scripture is being taught in a true yet applicable way. She told her husband that coming to Gaylord E-Free would be worth the trip so they made the drive. After the service, he agreed that it was “worth the trip”. In fact, they told me that we would probably see them somewhat often on Sundays until the snow starts flying. Imagine that! Over 100 miles away and they see worshipping at E-Free as “worth the trip!”

The number of adults who have signed up for a Life Group is amazing. Every group we have is filled. People aren’t just attending – they are connecting which is also seen in the number of adults who are participating in 2nd hour Classes as well. I spent some time talking with folks in the Suncatchers Class Sunday and it was literally jammed pack. I’m not sure you could get another body in that room if you had to. And the energy was amazing. That’s what drew me down to their room – the noise! One of the men told me the reason their class is so loud is because they’re all deaf!

I like to call these "Meeting and Moving” stories because they show how God is using our church to meet people where they are and help move them to where He wants them to be. I hope they encourage you and cause you to stop and give glory to God!

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