Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Worship Director and the Three Bears

I love the local church and I love being able to drive to the church each day and spend my day serving in what I believe is the hope of the world...the local church! But there is one position in local church work that I wouldn't want for a million dollars. That's kind of funny because my own son is going to school right now studying to give his life to this position in the local church. I am speaking of being the Director of Worship. Now that's a tough job.

Being the Director of Worship in a local church is like living your life week to week as the character, Goldilocks, in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears...Papa Bear, Mama Bear and little Baby Bear. Remember that story. Goldilocks is going through the woods and comes across the home of the Three Bears. The Three Bears are away and Goldilocks goes in. She is hungry and smells food on the table all ready to be eaten. She tries Papa bear's bowl and it was TOO HOT! She tries Mama Bear's bowl and it was TOO COLD! She then tries Baby Bear's bowl and it was JUST RIGHT! Then, after eating, Goldilocks was ready for a nap. She tried Papa Bear's bad and it was TOO HARD! She then tried Mama Bear's bed and it was TOO SOFT! Then she tried Baby Bear's bed and it was JUST RIGHT!

That's not just a fairy tale. That is the life of a Worship Director. No matter what music the Worship Director plans on any given Sunday, he will find himself in the role of Goldilocks. When the service is done, someone will come up to him and say, the music was TOO HOT! As soon as they walk away, a different person will walk up and say that the music was TOO COLD! And then yet a third person will approach him and say that the music was JUST RIGHT! The same thing happens come Monday when the Director of Worship opens his email. One email will say that the music on Sunday was TOO HARD! Another email will say that the music on Sunday was TOO SOFT! And then a third email will pop into his inbox saying that the music on Sunday was JUST RIGHT!

So what is Goldilocks, the Worship Director, supposed to do? Obviously, he can't please everyone and the bigger the church the more preferences people have when it comes to music and worship. My advice to Goldilocks is simple. Look to God and seek His face daily as to every aspect of the Sunday morning worship service. Because at the end of the day, He is the one you want to hear say, "Well Done!"

By the way, if you attend Gaylord E-Free, isn't it kind of funny to picture in your mind our very own Joshua Rupp looking like Goldilocks?


Carrie said...

I have seen Joshua wear a hat that made it look like he had dreadlocks, but I can't imagine Goldilocks! :) I don't envy the scrutiny he is under (or any of the pastoral staff, for that matter). Musical preferences vary so widely, he could never satisfy them all. But I hope he never feels like it is his job to satisfy them all. His job is to glorify God through worship. I hope none of us ever make him feel otherwise (even if he does choose Keith Green sometimes. hee hee!). True worship is bigger than the music played or the sermon preached. Joshua does a great job keeping that in perspective! He ROCKS (pun intended)!!! :)

Eddie said...

Typed, typed and typed, then I deleted my thoughts. Suffice as to say, its not about me and what I want, its about Jesus, That may be obvious to some, but not others.

Keep on keeping on Joshua. The Thrashers love and appreciate you as our worship director. You are a blessing to us.

Same goes for you Pastor Scott. We are glad that both of you chose to serve God here at GEFC.

Ryan Sharpe said...

Keep pressing on Josh! You love Christ with all of your heart and that shines through every Sunday when you sing! The next time someone thinks they are qualified to offer you an opinion of how the music should go, have them follow you to the stage, hand them your guitar and tell them to show you how it should be done. My guess is they will not be able to deliver. Love you brother!!

Sheri Irish said...

Pastor Scott, I really appreciate your analogy. It is very insightful and it helps us to think about how we act. We, in the body of Christ, are a family and we need to uplift and encourage one another. I hope that as a family of God we can experience the amazing presence of our God amongst us. It is the experience of the love shared that draws us closer to our Maker.
Thanks for your support of our worship director in all his endeavors!
I wouldn't put it past Joshua to dress up as Goldilocks!