Friday, September 23, 2011

Gaylord E-Free...The Next Seven Months

Spent some time this week prayerfully and strategically putting together my preaching schedule for the next 7 months. Obviously, it is all tentative and open to God redirecting the direction. But for now, here it is:

Mansion of Prayer: A 5 weeks series that overviews prayer as if it were a mansion to be explored in which we find a key to unlock each room in our prayer lives

Oct 2 - Foyer: Place of Confession
Oct 9 - Throne Room: Place of Adoration
Oct 16 - Trophy Room: Place of Thanksgiving
Oct 23 - Guest Room: Place of Intercession
Oct 30 - Living Room: Place of Petition

Just Add Water: A 3 week series on baptism which will challenge everyone who has not followed the Lord in water baptism since placing their faith in Jesus, to go public and take this step of faith and obedience (Nov 6, 13 & 20)

Avoiding the Christmas Crash: A 7-part series (including Christmas Eve) designed to show you how you can experience the most peaceful Christmas this Holiday Season

Nov 27 - Worker or Worshipper?
Dec 4 - The Best Christmas Wish of All
Dec 11 - Keeping Christmas Red and Green
Dec 18 - The Perfect Family Christmas
Dec 24 - A Messy Christmas
Dec 25 - Mega Joy
Jan 1 - It Ain't Over So Keep Celebrating

Noah (series title still to be determined): A 7-week series through the life of Noah in a verse by verse study of Genesis 5-9.

Jan 8 - A Breath of Fresh Air
Jan 15 -Build, Baby, Build!
Jan 22 - Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Jan 29 - What Day is It?
Feb 5 - I'm Seeing Rainbows
Feb 12 - The Final 350 Years
Feb 19 - Noah Lives On

Meeting & Moving: A 5-week series to show us our vision as a church to meet as many people as possible right where they are at and help move them to where God wants them to be

Feb 26 - Meeting People
Mar 4 - Moving People
Mar 11 - From Harlot to Heroine
Mar 18 - Throwing a Matthew Party
Mar 25 - Go Climb a Tree

Celebrating Jesus Decade by Decade: A 5-week "retro" style series that will showcase four important truths about Jesus

Apr 1 - 1960's: Jesus Died For Our Sins
Apr 8 - 1970's: Jesus Rose From The Dead
Apr 11 - 1980's: Jesus Is God
Apr 18 - 1990's: Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven
Apr 25 - 2000's: Jesus Never Changes


Carrie said...

Looks awesome! I'm especially looking forward to your Christmas series... I bet it will be exactly what I need. The holidays sometimes get so chaotic; it is easy to lose focus on what is truly important.

Anonymous said...

Wish I would be hearing these in person. I miss your great sermons. Pat G