Thursday, September 22, 2011

How well do you know the story of Noah?

This past week for me was what I call a "study week." I study every week for sermons, but one week a month I am reserving for study only so that I am taking the time needed to "accurately divide" the Word of God in preparation for teaching the Bible here at Gaylord E-Free. This week I have been spending all of my study time pouring into Genesis 5-10 and the story and life of Noah. I am amazed at all that I have learned. I thought I knew the story of Noah - boy, was I wrong. So, you think you know the story of Noah? Try answering these questions (without looking in Scripture) and see how much you still have to learn about the life of this Bible character:

What was special about Noah's Great-Grandfather?

What was special about Noah's Grandfather?

How was Noah literally "a breath of fresh air"?

How old was Noah when he had his 3 sons?

What other Bible story uses the same word for "ark" in describing a floating object?

Noah covered the ark with "pitch". What does the word "pitch" mean?

How many modern day basketball courts could have fit into the ark?

How many train box cars worth of animals could have fit in the ark?

How long did it take Noah to build the ark?

How old was Noah when he entered the ark?

Does the Bible teach that Noah gathered the animals?

How long was Noah in the ark before God closed the door? Why?

What was the exact day that the rain started?

Exactly how high did the water rise during the flood?

How many days total was Noah in the ark?

Besides the rainbow, how else did God show His promise never to destroy the earth again through a flood?

We will answer all of these questions and more as we look at the life of Noah in our verse by verse study through Genesis 5-10 this coming January and February here at the Gaylord E-Free Church in Gaylord, MI! This series may just be worth you spending your winter in Northern Michigan!

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