Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where do the good-looking people sit in church?

If you have never been in the auditorium that we call The Gospel Center here at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church, let me describe it to you (it is also pictured above). The lower level seats around 700+ and is divided into four seating sections...two inside sections and two outside sections. The balcony seats an additional 360+ people.

Now why do I describe that to you? Because a few days ago someone came up to me and told me that when I preach on Sunday I rarely look at the people seated in the inside sections of the lower level. Instead, I learned that I almost always, throughout my entire sermon, only look at the people seated in the outer sections.

I have to admit it! I am guilty as charged. But I have a very good reason for only looking at those who sit in the outside sections of the lower level of the auditorium. Want to know what the reason is?


It's true! How do I know? Because that's where my wife sits and she is by far the best looking person who attends Gaylord E-Free!

To be honest, I really have no clue who I am looking at when I preach. Seriously, I am so focused on what I am saying and what I am about to say that I could be looking right at you on a Sunday morning while I am preaching but I would still have no idea where I am looking. I mean, you could stick out your tongue at me and make all kinds of funny faces while it appears that I am looking you right in the eye, but I would not notice.

But due to the insight that was shared with me, I am going to do my best while preaching to look at those seated in the inside sections of the lower level as much as I look at those seated in the outside section. Who knows, I may even glance up at those sitting in the balcony as well - so behave up there!


jacobkesling said...

Just point at a few of em as you are giving an illustration... then they will ask you why you don't pick on those on the outer sections and the balcony.

So funny! I look all around, but the only person I notice is my wife as I preach.

Great post...the title had me wanting to see who you were going to

Cherith said...

I do believe you just issued a challenge to your entire congregation to make faces at you while you preach to see if you will notice. At least, that's how I would take it if I were there. :)

Pastor Scott said...

In a way, it was, Cherith. The problem is I will never notice if they actually do! I think you should try the same thing with that pastor of yours this Sunday!