Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Sunday at Gaylord E-Free

It's almost here - SUNDAY! I love Sundays, especially here at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church. This Sunday we will conclude our 3 week series through Acts 2:41-47 that we have been calling "I Love My Church." This Sunday we will see the attitude of community among the early believers. Remember, they didn't just "do church" together, they "did life together." This Sunday we will wrap-up this series seeing the following aspects of their community from Acts 2:46:

It involved a REGULARITY (day by day)

It involved a RAPPORT (continuing with one mind)

It involved a REVERENCE (breaking bread)

It involved a RELATIONSHIP (taking their meals together)

It involved a REJOICING (with gladness)

It involved a REALNESS (sincerity of heart)

It involved a RESULT (praising God)

Then, in Acts 2:47 we will see the advancement of the church that included experiencing favor from the people and fruit from the Lord. WOW! What a church! And there is no reason that Gaylord E-Free can't be just like them. In fact, we are well on our way! So join us this morning for worship; another "Why I love my church" testimony; and this final message in our "I Love My Church" message series!

There's nothing like the local church when the local church is working right!

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