Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working One Day a Week - WEDNESDAY

So what does a pastor do when he's not preaching? Over the last 2 postings I shared with you in general terms what a typical Monday and a typical Tuesday is like for me as Lead Pastor of the Gaylord E-Free Church here in northern Michigan. Now it's time to look at Wednesday.

On Wednesday's I sleep in just a little bit longer than usual, and instead of being into the office by 7:30 like on Monday and Tuesday, I start my day driving to the radio studio of 101.5 FM - The Eagle. Wednesday's ministry than starts at 8:15 when I meet with Mike, the DJ and morning host at this classics station to talk about the topic for the morning's live show that begins about 8:20. Each week I simply give Mike a topic and the two of us discuss that topic with Mike basically interviewing me on the subject. It's a great and fun aspect of my ministry week.

When I arrive back at the church about 9am I am able to spend a couple more hours in study. On the first Wednesday of each month I use this time for a monthly meeting that I have with our head custodian who has the huge task of overseeing the large facility that God has blessed us with here at E-Free.

Wednesday morning ends with another of my weekly staff one-on-one meetings that I explained the purpose of in my posting yesterday. This one is with Pastor Joe, one of our Pastors here at E-Free. After lunch, the afternoon is pretty much taken up with two more one-on-one meetings. The first is with Pastor Newell who oversees our 9-12 grade program as well as our College and Career ministry. The day then ends with my one-on-one meeting with our Worship Director, Joshua Rupp. This meeting is scheduled to go longer than the other one-on-one meetings because we also use this time to work through the specifics to the direction and spiritual challenge of the upcoming Sunday.

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