Friday, August 05, 2011

Picnic this Sunday

This Sunday will be week two here at Gaylord E-Free in our study through the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitude that we are calling a "Picnic with a Purpose." Last Sunday we saw the first of 8 principles that we can learn from this miracle as to how we can do ministry, how we can pass out the fish and the bread today. This Sunday we continue our series as we look at 5 more principles.

But to make this study even more real, this Sunday we are also having a Church-Wide Picnic. We are cancelling all 2nd hour adult and kid classes and instead we will have our own church picnic right outside on our front lawn. Here are the details:

Come to church dressed in picnic clothes - I WILL BE PREACHING IN SHORTS!

Meat, Ice Cram and Beverages will be provided!

Bring your own lawn chairs and table settings for your family!

If your last names begins with A-M bring a COLD salad to serve 12!

If your last name begins with N-Z bring a DESSERT to serve 12!

Bring your friends and family with you as this is a great way to invite someone to come to church. There will be no program during the picnic. We simply want you to come, eat, enjoy and get to know some folks that attend E-Free that you may have never met previously. There will be some formal games and a fun house for kids so plan to stay after church and enjoy our very own "Picnic with a Purpose."

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