Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming Sunday Attractions

In my blog posting yesterday I shared with you a quick synopsis as to how our worship services come to be here at Gaylord E-Free. Now let me share with you the upcoming message themes that are being planned for the remainder of 2011:

August 28-September 4: STEWARDSHIP 101 - This will be a 2 week series on the foundational principles of Biblical stewardship.

September 11-September 25: I LOVE MY CHURCH - This will be a study in Acts 2:41-47 as we see how the early church did life together. This series will challenge each of us to not just attend church but to connect with the church.

October 2-October 30: THE MANSION OF PRAYER - This series is designed to help each person find at least one way that they can add more energy to their prayer life. Each Sunday we will look at a different aspect of prayer as if prayer were a mansion to explore. Each week we will discover a key to open up that aspect of our prayer life.

November 6-November 20: JUST ADD WATER - This will be a 3-week series on what the Bible teaches about baptism in which all who have never followed the Lord in water baptism since trusting Christ to be their Lord and Savior, are encouraged to take that step of faith and obedience.

November 27-December 25: AVOIDING THE CHRISTMAS CRASH - This will be a 5-week series in which we see practical ways from Scripture that we can avoid crashing under the business and preparations of the Holiday season.


Sharon Blom said...

These all sound worthwhile, as all of your sermons have been, and I appreciate having a sneak peek at what's ahead.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Sharon! Blessings to you!

jacobkesling said...

Scott, I love the series topics!!! Do you do a book study, or do you typically stick with topical?

Pastor Scott said...

Hi, Jacob. I try to do a book study at least once a year minimum.