Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Praying for a Hurting Pastor

This past week I had two different people contact me through Facebook and ask me to pray for their pastors who were going through a tough ministry trial. I have a special place in my heart for hurting pastors and I love to pray for these pastors very specifically. Below are eight specific ways that you can pray for a pastor you may know who is hurting.

Pray that when their trial is over, no matter when that is or what that looks like, that they will be more in love with Jesus, more in love with their wife, more in love with their calling, and more in love with the local church.

Pray that God would protect their children and that the challenge they are facing would result in their kids growing closer to the Lord and not becoming bitter toward the Lord or the church.

Pray that they would sleep well.

Pray that even if others treat then unfairly that they will always respond with grace and integrity.

Pray that they will daily see the fingerprints of God - little reminders that God is still in control and taking care of them.

Pray that others would come along side of them and encourage and care for them.

Pray that they would be consistent in spending time with God daily and that God would speak to them daily through His Word.

Pray that in spite of their difficulty that they would be faithful to minister to the people God has entrusted to them and that they would see fruit from their service to the Lord.


Glen said...

written with love & compassion, from a heart that has obviously experienced. I would also add that I would pray that they would know that God has a bigger, and greater plan for them... and a place where they (and their families) will be loved.

Pastor Scott said...

That is so true, Glen! And for that we praise and thank God daily! Thank you, my friend.

Peer Daddy said...

Pray that they will be able to laugh often as well. That really helped when I went through struggles in ministry! :P

Pastor Scott said...

Peer Daddy...That is a great addition to the list. I know that when I went through my personal time of ministry adversity, the times of laughter that God gave my wife and I, even among the tears, was priceless! Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings to you, your family and your ministry!