Friday, August 26, 2011

Pastors - Working for the WEEKEND

This entire week I have been using my blog posts to give you a birds-eye look at a typical week in the life a pastor. Why? First, because most people probably have no idea what a pastor does all week, outside of preaching on Sunday. And second, it can allow those who attend the church where I pastor to know how to more specifically pray for me as their pastor day by day. Since I have already over-viewed my typical Monday through Thursday, let me wrap up this series of posts by giving you a quick look at my weekend.


This is my weekly day off and I guard it very closely. The reason I guard it is because this day is reserved totally for my wife. This is our day together away from church ministry and it is a very important part of my week.


Saturday I spend the majority of the day in the office. For most of this time I am usually the only person in the office. This allows me uninterrupted time to spend several hours finalizing my sermon for Sunday.

On the second Saturday of each month we have a Creative Team meeting from 7-9:30 in the morning which is led by our Worship Director, Joshua Rupp. At this meeting our creative team brainstorms creative elements that we can include in our upcoming worship services. We use this meeting to plan two months ahead. I send sermon overviews to this team in advance so that they have time to think and pray about these services.


Sunday, of course, is the big day. All pastors live for Sundays. I sure do. I am usually one of the first ones in the office, getting in by 7am (2.5 hours prior to the start of our worship service). I use this time to run through my message one more time and then spend time in prayer and worship as I prepare myself for the morning. I then meet with our worship director and music team behind stage for prayer prior to the start of our service. Following the service, my wife and I hang around in the church lobby as long as there are people who would like to speak for us. When the morning at church is complete we head out for some lunch and then home to crash for the rest of the day and night and prepare to start the week all over again.

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Carrie said...

Really appreciated your posts this week. I especially like seeing that you devote all of Friday to Laura... I'm sure after all the long hours you each pour into your ministry, that is a much-needed day to relax and reconnect. Awesome!