Thursday, August 18, 2011

Empty Nesters...Again

Laura and I sure have enjoyed having both of our kids home from college for the summer. Joy is already back at Liberty University and now it is time for Jonathan to return to Lynchburg, VA as well.

It is a bit more of a challenge and a lot more expensive to get the kids back to college now that we live in northern Michigan. Where we lived in Pennsylvania it was only a 6 hour drive to Liberty. When I had to I could drive down and back all in the same day. Now it is more like a 15-16 hour drive one-way.

In fact, taking Joy back last week was quite an adventure. Laura rode down with Joy in her car and then we redeemed some airline miles to get her a one-way ticket back. She ended up arriving back in Traverse City 21 hours late from her original flight itinerary. Then, just 3 miles from the airport to pick Laura up, I was in a car accident. Lord willing, getting Jonathan back to Liberty will be a little less exciting.

Jonathan is ready to start his sophomore year as a Worship Arts Major. I sure have enjoyed his involvement here at the Gaylord E-Free Church in our Sunday morning worship ministry. Every time he sings a song he had part in writing or leads worship, I am one proud dad! I appreciate so much the way our Worship Director here at Gaylord E-Free, Joshua Rupp, allowed Jonathan to participate and invested into him over the summer. Thanks, Joshua!

So, it is time for Laura and I to experience the world of "empty nest" once least until Thanksgiving break!


Joshua Rupp said...

Jonathan and Joy, I'll miss you a TON!!! It was incredible to have you here with us this summer and I'm super-duper hoping that we can have you back again next year!!!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Joshua! And thanks again for all you did to make my kids feel welcomed here at E-Free!