Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Attending Church With Your Senses

What a great Sunday last week was here at Gaylord E-Free. I continue to hear wonderful stories of how God worked in and through our service. We are really being able to see the positive impact that our Creative Ideas Team is coming up with to help us really connect with the Scripture. Last Sunday we were able to utilize most all of the senses to allow folks to grasp the main principle of the passage we were studying. The main principle was that before God can give us in ministry, He often first will lead us through brokenness in our lives. Here were the senses that we utilized to communicate that truth:

We were able to HEAR the principle as I shared it in my message!

We were able to SPEAK the principle as I had everyone repeat the words, “He took the bread, He blessed the bread, He broke the bread, He gave the bread.” Everyone said those words together. Just the women said those words together. Just the men said those words together. We even had the balcony dwellers say these words together.

We were able to TOUCH the principle as we passed loaves of bread down each aisle and asked everyone to tear a piece from the loaf and hold it in their hand through the remainder of the service.

And through the cardboard testimonies we were able to SEE the principle as dozens of men, women, boys and girls walked across stage holding a piece of cardboard. On one side of the card there was a phrase that shared their story of brokenness. They then flipped the cardboard over and on the other side was another phrase showing the faithfulness of God during that time of brokenness in their lives. The whole time the band was playing and singing the song, “O How He Loves.”

A lot of work goes into planning our services here at E-Free. This planning actually starts 3-6 months in advance. In my blog posting on Monday of this week I shared the path that our services take. Yet, it’s Sundays like last week that make all of those meetings (even the 7am ones on Saturday mornings) so worth it! I am so thankful for the team I get to work with here at Gaylord E-Free!

If you have Facebook you can go to the Gaylord E-Free Facebook page where Joshua Rupp has put a very nice slide show together of all the cardboard testimonies from last Sunday. You can also see it on YouTube at:

If you would like to listen to the audio of the message from last Sunday (August 14) you can do so at our church web page:


Alisa said...

Just watched the you tube slide show,WOW! FREEDOM! Gal 5:1 Just what God intended. Sometimes we are set free from things we don't even realize we need freedom from. And Scott, E-Free is blessed because of it. As well as you and your beautiful wife and precious children. Much love and prayer to your whole family including E-Free!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Alisa. Your words are very encouraging and meaningful.