Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jesus and M&M's

Over the last two months I have taken the time to share a ministry philosophy with our ministry staff; Elder Board and Leadership Team here at Gaylord E-Free that I call "MEETING and MOVING." It is based on the story of the Woman at the Well seen in John chapter 4.

In this story Jesus meets this woman right where she was at. He meets her geographically. He went to Samaria where she was at. He meets her spiritually. She was a very lonely women. This was due to her sin. Jesus doesn't ignore her sin, but he does not begin by condemning here either. Finally, he met her right where she was at culturally. He started with a common interest - water. He then used curiosity to begin the process of moving here to where God wanted her to be.

It is amazing in the story to see how Jesus, after meeting her right where she was at, moved her to where He wanted her to be. As you read the chapter you will see that the woman begins by seeing Jesus as a Jew. Now to a Samaritan, that was not a positive thing. Later in the passage she sees Jesus as a Prophet. That was a move in the right direction. By the end of the chapter she is inviting her whole town to come meet Jesus as she recognizes that He may just be the Messiah.

Meeting and Moving.

Next, I will be presenting this whole ministry philosophy to the leaders of our Ministry Teams here at E-Free. This philosophy answers the "WHY" question (see yesterday's blog posting). Why do we exist? To meet as many people as possible right where they are at and helping to move them to where God wants them to be!

If you can remember the words MEETING and MOVING, you can remember that purpose.

If you can remember the letters "M&M," you can remember that purpose.

I guess that makes it a purpose you can grasp on to but that melts in your mouth and not in your hands!


Carrie said...

This sounds really exciting!!! We are blessed to have you here at E-Free (despite the Keith Green harrassment!)! :)

Gerard said...

I like M & M 'S. Plain ones are O.K. But Almonds and peanut are better. I guess that would make for an interesting PON! Get ready for a bunch of nuts!!! Nuts about moving!!!! People who are nuts about their salvation! get the point.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Carrie!

Pastor Scott said...

You are the man, Gerard!