Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do we have a pet BEAR?

I have heard stories of bears in these parts of rural northern Michigan where we are now living, but I think it might be more than a story for us. I think it is possible that we might just have a pet bear at our house.

We have woke up several mornings recently to find out that some type of animal is visiting us while we sleep. The evidence includes:

The bird feeders being knocked down and in some cases even destroyed!

The bird bath being knocked over!

The humming bird feeder being knocked off its pole and the sugar-water sucked out of it!

A fallen tree trunk in the wooded area outside of our backyard being shredded with claws as if an animal were looking for insects!

Could it be that we have a pet bear?

While some people might freak out over the possibility of a bear in their yard, I personally think it is kind of cool! My main thought is this - I sure would like to see it (from the window that is, not up close and personal).

Ah - life in rural northern Michigan! I'm loving it!


Tiff said...

Dave will be glad to help you with installing a webcam. We have one with awesome night view that has recorded some cool wildlife in our yard :)

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Tiff. Already had someone loan us one! We'll see if we can catch a picture of this critter!

Carrie said...

So... Raccoons, or a bear? Did you find out yet?

2cygnets said...

Two or three times in my career with the DNR I was called to chase bear out of town. One took us right down Main Street Gaylord. When wild berries are not plentiful Bear will extend their range in search of food. All the signs indicate that you have been visited by a Michigan Black Bear.
Steve Swan

Pastor Scott said...

Not sure yet, Carrie. We borrowed a night time motion camera, but being the technological guru that I am, I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on.

Pastor Scott said...

You may be right, Steve. I sure would like to see it sometime.

Carrie said...

Haha! Hand that camera to your kids to set up! :)