Friday, July 29, 2011

COMPASSION - risky yet addictive!

This Sunday here at E-Free we begin a new message series that we are calling, "A Picnic with a Purpose." It will be a study on the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitude of thousands with a little boy's lunch. Some of the highlights for this Sunday will include:

A picnic set on stage complete with giant ants!

An original skit being performed in the traditional service!

A hilarious video called "Fish Eyes" being shown in the contemporary service!

Through this series on this one miracle that Jesus performed we are going to see 8 principles regarding how to do ministry today (how to pass out the fish and the bread today). We begin this Sunday with the this principle:

"Before we can pass out the fish and the bread we must first develop a heart of compassion!"

I love how Chuck Swindol opens up his little book called "Compassion." He writes:

"The stuff that follows (teaching on compassion) is explosive. Unless you're ready to be jolted from your comfortable and cozy world where the womb of theory protects you from a life of reality, you really don't want to pursue this subject. Compassion may seem safe. It may even have an appealing ring to it. But it has been known to start revolutions. And if you become addicted, nothing else satisfies. You'll be different. You'll be hooked for the rest of your life - like someone else I know...Christ."

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