Saturday, July 30, 2011


This Sunday at E-Free here in Gaylord we will start a 3-week messages series studying through the miracle of Jesus when He fed the multitude with a little boy's lunch. I like to call it the "Fish N Chips" miracle!

Of all the miracles that Jesus performed during his three years of earthly ministry, I think this one is the most significant. I say that because it is the only miracle of Jesus (other than his own resurrection) that is recorded in all four Gospel accounts. That can't be coincidence. For that to be true, this miracle has to be extremely significant.

What do the "fish and bread" symbolize? There were FIVE loaves. To the Jew living in Jesus' day, the number FIVE would make him think of the Pentateuch - the first FIVE books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). The number TWO would cause the Jew in Jesus day to think of the TWO stone tablets that Moses brought down off the mountain with the Ten Commandments written on it that came from God. In either case, the numbers reflect the Word of God.

So to pass out the "fish and bread" today we pass out the Word of God. And in this miracle, Jesus shows us how to pass out the fish and the bread today. Over the next three weeks we will see eight principles from this miracle in which Jesus showed His disciples then, and you and I today, how to do ministry - how to pass out the "fish and bread."

Fish-N-Chips anyone? Join us at the Gaylord E-Free Church this Sunday at 9:30am!

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