Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Gold Fish Snitch

Have you ever heard something that struck you so funny that you almost couldn't keep your composure? And then when you tell others what you saw or heard they barely chuckle why you busted a gut laughing at the same thing. Then all you can do is shyly respond with the words, "I guess you had to be there." Well, it happened to me yesterday morning.

I was driving to an appointment listening to the morning talks show on the radio when one of the morning announcers told a true news story that struck me so funny I about drove off the road laughing hysterically. Now, I'm warning you in probably won't do more than chuckle at this simple story, but here it goes.

Three teenagers broke into a house. I can't remember where this took place. But they stole the typical things you would guess teens would steal. They took the DVD player, some video games, the television and some jewelry. But the bizarre part of the crime scene was that the only damage they left behind was that they obviously had intentionally killed the family's 3 goldfish that were in their fish tank.

When the police caught the culprits they asked the young men why in the world they had killed the family's 3 goldfish. Their answer? Are you ready for this? I am not making this up. Their answer was that they killed the 3 goldfish because they did want to leave behind any witnesses!!!!

OK - I guess you had to be there!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

TheJoyOfTheLORDisMyStrength said...

Apparently they read "The Cat in the Hat" and took it seriously!!!!!

Pastor Scott said...

EXACTLY, Janice! Blessings!

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Anonymous. I heard the story on WHP 580 ralk radio.

Ashley said...

i LOVE that story. Rob and I found it hilarious. Thanks for sharing :-) We'll see you Saturday!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for laughing with me, Ashley! Looking forward to seeing you both Saturday! Blessings!