Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is Flying Fun?

This past weekend Laura and I took a trip which included flying the friendly skies. We got where we were going and back but the journey required quite a bit of flexibility. We awoke the morning we were leaving to find out that our flight from Harrisburg to Chicago had been cancelled. I called the airline only to be told that it would be two days before they could get us seats to our destination. Two days? That was hard for me to believe. I simply kept asking who else I could talk to and calling alternative numbers to the airline until I found someone who found us seats on a flight with another airline. When we got to the airport those tickets had not been reissued and it took right at about an hour at the ticket counter before we got our beloved boarding passes. But when it was all said and done we landed at our destination just 90 minutes later than our original flight would have been.

The flight home was just as eventful. Due to high winds in Chicago, the first leg of our flight was delayed well over an hour which caused us to miss our connecting flight from Chicago to Harrisburg. However, there is a bright side to everything. The delay did allow us to grab a hot dog. I love a good hot dog and you just can't be Chicago for a good dog. Ironically, at the little dive in the Chicago airport I actually ordered the New York Dog which has sauerkraut and brown mustard on it - and I mean "LAVISHED" on it.! WOW! That was a good dog. We did make it on the next flight to Harrisburg but our suitcases did not. Looks like they are going to be spending the night in the Windy City! Once we reported our missing bags, we took the shuttle to the parking lot where we parked our car which was now covered with 5 nights of snow and ice. The ice was also on the ground because walking to our vehicle I went down right on my back and cut my hand (but I didn't cry!).

So, I have to ask - "Is flying fun?" Well, this weekend the flying part of our schedule was anything but "fun." But the weekend itself was a very special one. It was worth the cancelled flight; the multiple phone calls to re-book; the extra hour at the ticket counter; the delayed arrivals; the delayed flight; the lost luggage and the spill on the ice!

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