Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gripped by the Civil War

I had the opportunity Saturday night to attend the final show of the musical, "The Civil War" at the new Tower Theater down at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. What an amazing production it was. There was no Civil War music. There were no Civil War sets. There were no Civil War costumes. But I have never felt more drawn into the Civil War in all of my life.

I have watched just about all of the Civil War movies ever made (Gettysburg, Glory, North and South, etc.). I have visited multiple Civil War Battlefields. I have read many Civil War articles. I have also attended several Civil War museums. But this musical did the best job of allowing me through music to experience the Civil War from so many points of view - the confederate soldier, the union soldier, the wives of soldiers, slaves, even Abraham Lincoln. It was almost awkward at times because I wanted to applaud at the very talented performances throughout the evening, but applause almost didn't seem appropriate due to the somber themes.

My entire family loves live theater. Saturday night was no exception.

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