Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Praying for Egypt

2.5 years ago I was able to visit Cairo, Egypt. It is an amazing city. Actually, it is the second most populated city in the world (behind only Mexico City). It is also the second most polluted city in the world (also behind Mexico City). It was unbelievable to stand at the Pyramids and the Sphinx while in Egypt and to eat along the Nile River (even though a dead, bloated cow floated by as we ate). I could have spent days in the main museum there as we looked at artifacts that dated back some 4,000 years (after all, Egypt was one of the first civilizations).

So I have been watching the "Chaos in Egypt" closely as it unfolds on our television sets. I also have been praying for the situation there. Egypt is one of the strong allies that America has among the Arab countries of the Middle East. Egypt is also just one of two Arab countries in the Middle East that are not hostile toward Israel (the other being Jordan, which is another country I have visited twice). So there is a lot riding on how all of this political upheaval concludes, not just for Egypt, but for America and for Israel as well.

I am praying that however this turns out, that the political leadership of Egypt would continue to be an ally of America and will continue to uphold their peace-treaty with Israel.

I am praying that God would give our President as well as the Prime Minister of Israel wisdom in knowing how to respond to this turmoil in Egypt.

I am praying that God would protect Christians who are in Egypt from persecution and harm.

I also am praying that God would use this situation to open a door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to spread powerfully in places where it's message has been stifled.

So my encouragement to all of you is this: Don't just watch the news! Pray about the news! After all, nothing of eternal importance ever happens apart from prayer.

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