Friday, February 11, 2011

The Saga of Sandi

Some of you have heard me talk about our dog. Her name is Sandi and she is a Jack Russell Terrier. She has some good traits and some, let's say, "interesting" traits.

On the positive side, she is a beautiful dog. And she is smart -I mean really smart - and very obedient. She is also a tremendous watch dog. She is also cage-trained.

But on the "interesting" side, she is very finnicky and very peculiar. She loves me and a select few others. But she does not really like most people including my son. All he has to do is walk into the house and she starts growling. She loves to have her neck scratched but she hates to be petted. If you pet her like you would any other dog, she will growl. If you don't stop then, she will snip at you.

She is also very territorial. No bird, rabbit or even worm can cut across our yard. When I sit in my chair to watch TV, she loves to sit with me. But she has to sit on the chair next to me ON THE LEFT SIDE. If I scoot all the way over to the left to make her sit on my right side, she won't. She will just sit there and look at me until I scoot to the right so she can haver her spot ON MY LEFT. How weird is that?

For several reasons (none that really apply to the description above) Laura and I have come to the realization that it is time to give Sandi up. So we need to find a place for her. She wouldn't be good with young kids. But for an older person or couple living alone that would simply like a good companion who will sit next to them (on their left side of the chair) and be a great watch dog - she would be perfect. The big question is - how do what we find a place for Sandi?

If you have any ideas - or any interest in a beautiful, smart, cage-trained, finnicky, peculiar dog who isn't a fan of a lot of people and doesn't like to be petted, let me know!

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Kent Pierce said...

Oh, I remember Sandi very well! She is a great dog! I hope you find a good home for her! I keep up with your blog daily. We are praying for a smooth ministry transition for you and Laura.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Kent! It is so good to hear from you! Trust you and your family are doing well! Thanks for your prayers. We appreciate them much. We are very excited about the way we see God leading us. Be sure to tell your wife "hello"! Blessings!

Ryan and Carrie Sharpe said...

We're enjoying your blog and are looking forward to meeting you next weekend. That Ice Tree in your picture is twice that size now, but it might be back to the size in your picture by next weekend... We had 45 degrees today and it's supposed to be "warm" all week! We are praying for your safe travel and are excited!

Ryan and Carrie Sharpe
Gaylord, MI

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Ryan and Carrie! What a pleasure to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog I can't tell you how excited we are about this coming weekend as well. But I was told that from February through November it's always 75 degrees and sunny there. Did someone misinform me? Blessings!

Ryan and Carrie Sharpe said...

Hee hee hee... Now THAT is funny!

Carrie. :)

kimmer4life said...

This makes me so sad. Sandi will be heartbroken! (BTW she doesn't really like me either and she would do just fine since Lucy likes to be on my right side, but I have a feeling they'd fight over me and since Sandi doesn't like me anyhow, its ok!)

Pastor Scott said...

Give it a try, Kim! We will personally bring her to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kimmer4life said...

Now you really know how to BRIBE! Maybe if you personally bring her we could give it a "trial run" ? I don't know how well she and Lucy would get along. You know females and their territory...I'll run it by my husband, because that's what a Godly wife would do! :)