Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend at Liberty

In my Pastor’s E-mail Update that I sent out last Monday (which you can sign up for at http://www.lgbc.org/) I said that today’s blog posting would be about our Educational Ministries here at Grace Church. However, I have decided to delay that posting by one day.

Since today is my daughter’s 19th birthday (Happy Birthday, Joy! I love and miss you!), I thought it would be fitting for me to tell you about our family’s trip this past weekend to Lynchburg, VA to visit Joy who is a freshman at Liberty University. For those of you who do not know it, my wife and I both graduated from Liberty (1987). I spent four years at Liberty and absolutely loved my time there. Just to walk back on that campus, even though now it is so much bigger (over 11,000 campus students), brought a swell of memories and emotions. For me, there is just something special about that mountain.

We left the house at 5:15am on Friday and 6 hours and 15 minutes later (including a stop for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and three restroom breaks along the way…man, am I getting old) we arrived in Lynchburg and grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell (Jonathan’s favorite fast food restaurant). Since Jonathan is now a Junior here at Lititz Christian School we took the Liberty campus tour. Man is that an amazing place. There is no doubt in my mind that Liberty is not only the largest evangelical university in the world but it is the most exciting university as well.

We then met with one of the professors in the Worship Arts program. This is the major that Jonathan (pictured far right above with his band) is interested in as he looks toward college. I was so impressed with the philosophy of this program and the way it is set up. It has been exciting to see the passion to lead worship build in my son’s life and it was awesome as a parent to watch him light up as the program was explained to him. We are still going to look at another college or two that has a worship arts program, but I think in Jonathan’s mind, Liberty has the lead right now. In fact, we went ahead and applied because they are capping enrollment for the next couple of years.

We met Joy after her classes were over and took her out to her favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) for dinner and then hit a few stores and the mall and then went back to the hotel to open up her birthday gifts. Saturday we spent more time at stores and on campus and had lunch at one of my favorite fast food restaurants (Chick-Fil-A) and then had several of Joy’s friends over to the hotel for homemade chicken noodle soup (we stayed at the Extended Stay America right by campus that had a kitchen in the room). Then came the highlight of the weekend for me…attending Liberty’s basketball game at the Vine’s Center and watching LU beat The University of North Carolina-Asheville. Go Flames!

Sunday we attended church with Joy. She attends the Old Forest Road Baptist Church. We then had lunch at Shaker’s Restaurant (if you are ever in Lynchburg, my advice is to pick a different restaurant…we weren’t impressed). We then took Joy back to her dorm and headed back home making it back in time for the second half of the Super Bowl. That was our weekend at Liberty!


Mona Graham said...

I told Laura you should try the DPO. David and I happened on it when we took Brady to school. The food was great and the decor is so cool! Sorry you found a dud but thanks for the info.



Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Mona! We will give that one a try in a future visit to Lynchburg! Also, Laura and I owe someone a big thank you from a couple of Sundays ago and I suspect it may be you. If that is the case...THANKS SO MUCH!