Saturday, February 07, 2009

Africa Team Report #2

The following came to me via an e-mail from Mike McCracken in Africa:

Greetings from Bangui,

The rest of our day, Thursday was special. Before lunch we traveled to the Orphan Welcome Center and were greeted by a multitude of kids enjoying recess. They enjoyed us and we enjoyed them. Madame Alexandrine gave our team an overview of the Center and introduced us to several of the staff which includes a doctor who takes care of the kids. Alexandrine says there are over 700 orphans in the sponsorship program she is responsible for who go to school at the Welcome Center and other Christian schools in Bangui. John Kegarise had a special treat. His sponsored child, Fiacre, happened to be at the Center while we were there. Needless to say this was an emotional time for John and the rest of us.

We returned to the Missionary Station for a lunch of Mexican beef on couscous. Most of the team took an opportunity to rest while Marlin and I went out with Tim Houck to run errands in Bangui. (We were encouraged by the missionary staff to rest in the afternoon but today I could not help myself).

Later in the afternoon we went back to the Orphan Welcome Center to observe an orphan group in a neighborhood Bible Club. At these clubs the orphans participate in singing, scripture memorization, and drama from the Bible stories they have learned. Marlin, Doug, and Brenda were able to share with the group. Matt was able to video much of what went on here.

After a brief tour of Bangui we returned to the Missionary Station for dinner, a team time, and bedtime.

Thanks for praying.
From Bangui,
Mike for the team


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the update! ive been waiting for another one... glad to hear it's going well! if any of you team members read this, i'm praying for you :)

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, anonymous. I know that the team appreciates your prayers. This is a very special trip for the Grace Church and Lititz Christian School family.