Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watch Out Empty Nest - Here We Come

Yesterday I turned 44. Time marches on. It seemed like just yesterday that I was far from 30 (on the other side of 30 that is); our kids were tiny; and I was much thinner. In the words of a dear old saint from my previous church named Kay Bella (who is now with the Lord), “Time changes everything.” Yes, Kay, it most certainly does.

My first born is now a second semester freshman at Liberty University (my Alma Matter) where she is studying education and desires some day in the near future to teach middle school to underprivileged students. Wow, she has more guts than I do. At the start of this school year I stepped in and taught 7th grade Bible here at Lititz Christian School for one week. Believe me, one week was all I could take!

My son is now in the final months of his junior year of High School here at Lititz Christian School. That means it is time for him to search out colleges. I think that search is all but over. We took Jonathan down to Liberty when we visited Joy earlier this month and he absolutely fell in love with the place. I can’t blame him. I loved it when I went to school there and it is even better today. I know I’m biased, but in my humble opinion it is the best university anywhere.

Jonathan is looking to enter their Worship Major. God has put a real passion in his life in the area of worship. That is what he believes is God’s calling on his life and I can most definitely see evidence of that as well. I was very impressed with the philosophy and program of the worship major at Liberty. Along with the core worship classes that all worship majors must take, you also pick a specialization. It can be any of the following:

Worship Leading
Theatre Ministries
Inter-Cultural Studies
Business Studies
Women’s Studies
Pastoral Leadership
Biblical Studies
Worship Technology
Youth Ministry

This summer Jonathan will be going on Operation Barnabas, a summer long ministry training experience. So this summer we will have Joy home from college but Jonathan will be away on OB. Then next school year we will have Jonathan home for his senior year of High School while Joy is back at college. Next summer we just might have them both home. But then comes the fall of 2010 – just 17 months from now – when they both head to Liberty and we officially enter the period of life known as “The Empty Nest!”

Yes, Kay, you are most certainly correct…“TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING!”


Jeff Troyer said...

When it comes to parenting, a wise person told me, that the days are long, but the years are short...

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Jeff! Let me tell you...that is one true statement!!! Have a good day, brother!