Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Africa Team...Final Report

Here is the final report from our team from Grace Church that was currently in the Central African Repoublic regarding their final days of the trip in France:

Sunday, 02/15/09

We arrived in Paris early Friday morning, picked up our luggage, transferred by train and metro to the main train station, secured our luggage in lockers, had lunch with Rob Plaster(GBIM missionary serving in Paris), and visited some sites such as the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louver. After our whirlwind tour we returned to the main train station, picked up the luggage, and took the 7:00pm train to Macon. Our team was met at the train station by Jay and Debbie Hocking (Grace Church supported missionaries), who took us to the Chateau De Saint Albain, where they are serving.

Saturday morning started with breakfast with the Hockings and a team time to reflect and debrief. After reading Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:7-9, Acts 17:24-28, and Revelation 5:9-10, I reminded the group that this trip to Africa started with an invitation from Barb Wooler to Joan and me to visit our Hand-in-Hand partnerships; and that I asked Barb if there was any possibility others from Grace Church could travel with us. I shared that they each were asked to be a part of this team because of their connections of influence at Grace. And that even though I have no specific expectations, my hope and prayer is that God is working in their hearts and in turn they will be open to Him as He leads them to encourage others at Grace Church to be mobilized to pray, give, send, and go. God is drawing to Himself from every tribe and tongue and people and nation, to worship Him, for His glory and His honor. Christ has commissioned us (Grace Church) “to make disciples of all nations…”, and there is a task for everyone as we work God’s fields.

As we reviewed our time in Africa, some areas that struck each of us are the ways the orphans are being taught and discipled. The pastors and teachers of our Hand-in-Hand partnerships are passionate about the children, and it shows. They are using the gifts God has given them to serve their local church and community.

Another area we were all impressed with is the American missionary team serving the churches in Africa. They are using their gifts, and working in a spirit of unity and cooperation, to accomplish their purpose. This is not a glamorous or easy place to live and work, but they are here day in and day out meeting people where they are and helping them move to where God wants them to be.

Thanks for being on mission with our team the last two weeks. Please continue to faithfully pray for the children, teachers, and pastors in La Doumie, Cattin, and Bossangoa. They are praying, and praising God, for us.

Mike, for the team.

Ps. Attached is one of my favorite photos.


kutlessgirl4ever said...

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