Thursday, February 05, 2009

More On Africa

Our team from Grace Church left on Tuesday and were scheduled to arrive in the city of Bangui in the Central African Republic this morning at 5:30. Today they will rest up and visit the Orphan Welcome Center that we provided some of the dedication and security cost for. They will then begin their tour tomorrow of the schools for orphans that we as a ministry fully support. They will be in Africa through Thursday, Feb 12th and then will be spending Feb 13th and 14th in Paris before flying back home to Lititz on Feb 15th.

The team members pictured above are as follows:

Back row (left to right):

Matt McElravy, who is our worship Arts Director (see my note below)
Doug Kegarise, who is our Director of Student Ministries
Marlin Weaver, former missionary in France now on staff here at Grace
John Kegarise, who is chairman of our Elder Board
Mike McCracken, who is the chairman of our Mission Team

(**MY NOTE – did you notice Matt’s eyes? The boy simply cannot have a picture taken of him without squinting. Is that some kind of psychological thing or what?)

Seated (left to right):

Brenda Miller, who is our Early Childhood Director
Joan McCracken, who is on our Mission Team

Some of the things the team will do with the orphans include:

Balloon animals (they’ve never seen these before)
Playing games
Telling Bible stories through interpreters
Coloring pages with crayons (they’ve never seen crayons!!!)
Giving them gifts including soccer balls and toothbrushes
Sharing photos of their families and lives in America
Providing special meals for them

Specific things to pray for regarding this team include:

Safety and smooth transitions in travel (trains, planes and automobiles)
That they would be an encouragement to the orphans & their teachers
For physical and spiritual protection
For unity with the team through many travels and difficult situations
For their families at home while they are gone


Anonymous said...

pickin' on matt again!! not nice! LOL jk!
he doesnt have his eyes closed on ALL pics!! i have proof!! ;)

Pastor Scott said...

OK, Anonymous. Send me a pic of Matt with his eyes open and I will post it on my blog as proof that I was wrong (by the way, the more embarrassing the pic, the better)!!

Anonymous said...

will do! i have quite a few!! ;)
embarrassing?! LOL

Pastor Scott said...

Looking forward to seeing them, anonymous. Send them to my email (

Pastor Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

sent :)

Pastor Scott said... sure to read my post this Monday to see what I do with them!

Matt said...

Hey, just because I'm in Africa doesn't mean I don't know what you're saying about me. I'll keep an eye on you from here, Distler...

Pastor Scott said...

Hey, McElravy, I didn't think you read my blog when you were in the next was I supposed to know you would read it when you were halfway around the world?

Hope all is going well...we really do miss you here in the office (but we don't miss Doug...just kidding)!

Anonymous said...

HA! so now i cant wait to see your blog on monday!!
i dont know, matt, but im thinking maybe you need to find some PAY BACK TIME!!! ;)

Pastor Scott said...

Easy, anonymous, Matt doesn't need any encourgaement when it comes to "payback". After all, we will see this Sunday morning that when true Biblical love is wronged and has the power to chooses not to!! Man, I love the Bible!

Anonymous said...

yeah he does! im encouraging just a lil payback!! :P
hm, matt, dont know 'bout you but im thinking another country song in church would do quite well!!! :D

Pastor Scott said...

Come on, Anonymous. That is cruel and unusual punishment. We don't need to stoop to the lowest levels of sin and hell (i.e. country music) in order to get a little payback!!

Anonymous said...

mhm, suuuuure.... ;)
i think we do and i think matt just might agree with me!!!
and what's wrong with a lil country music now and then?! it's good for you!! :) LOL!