Thursday, February 12, 2009

Africa Team Report #8

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Wednesday, 02/11/09

Today we visited the fourth Hand-in-Hand school partnership, which is at Cattin, just outside Bangui. This is where we worshiped and John preached on Sunday. The pastor’s name is Laida, the teacher’s name is Elizabeth. The class is full and Elizabeth is doing a terrific job. The children are very attentive, they love to learn and participate. The African Hand-in-Hand director, Emanuel, said this is a very good school. He does an incredible job overseeing all of the Hand-in-Hand partnerships. The team handed out crayons and toothbrushes before going outside to give soccer balls and jump ropes. The kids really appreciate these gifts. John and I demonstrated how to jump rope two at a time. Before going back inside for lunch, we put the toys away and took some time to interact with the kids. They loved having us take their picture and showing the result. One of my favorite pictures is of Matt surrounded on all sides and above by orphan children, looking at a video playback. It does not get much better than this! Each of us was touched in a special way as we spent time with these kids. Grace Church, you are making a huge difference in the lives of many children in the CAR.

For lunch we went back inside the church and ate as a team with the leadership of the church and the students. We had another very traditional African meal. After lunch we said goodbye and returned to the Mission Complex. We needed to start packing, finish up on any shopping, and rest before dinner at the Zokoe’s. Madame Alexandrine Zokoe is the Director of the Orphan Welcome Center. Some of you may remember her visit to Grace Church earlier this year. She stayed with Joan and I two days and said how much she would like to have us visit her country and have dinner at her house. Well, tonight the team was here and had a wonderful evening of fellowship and hearing their personal testimony’s. It was interesting to hear how God brought them together and protected them during this country’s civil wars.

After going through some pictures (over 1300 so far) It is time to turn in for the night. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day in Africa.

Mike for the team


Anonymous said...

Mike, Praying for you all. Jeannie

kutlessgirl4ever said...

i can't believe you guys are heading home already! safe travels and i'm praying for you :)
cant wait to see all those pictures and videos! sounds like you guys were really blessed. thats awesome