Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Camp Conquest Giving Opportunity

Camp Conquest is one of the organizations supported by our church's mission's program. They are currently in the process of completing the new Lutz Lodge which is about half way built. The total cost of the Lutz Lodge project is $320,000. We have made a $40,000 donation out of our church reserves toward this project. The total amount still needed is $128,500. Over the next 2 Sundays (Feb 22 and March 1) our church Elder Board has approved a special giving fund for this opportunity. If you would like to help complete the cost of this project you can do so through our church offering by marking your gift LUTZ LODGE. We do ask that all giving to this project be above and beyond your regular giving to the church.

Randy Myers, who is the Chairman of the Board for Camp Conquest and who also attends Grace Church, wrote me the following note:

Hello Pastor Scott,

On behalf of the Camp Conquest Board of Directors I want to thank you for the generosity of allowing special offerings to be taken for the new lodge. We are trying to stay debt free in addition to meeting the needs of the guests by making it the desirable place for a special time to get with the LORD. The LORD has been very good to the Camp over the years and we, as a Board, are trying to be good stewards of His facility. Above are some photos that I took on of the Lutz Lodge project.

Thanks again,

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