Monday, December 14, 2009

Well Worth It!

If you are a die-hard Cleveland Brown's fan, as I am, your life has been filled with many multiple disapointments in following your favorite football team. As I look back through my lifetime, the aches and pains have been many inlcuding, but not limited to,

Brian Sipe throwing the interception in the endzone against Oakland in the waning seconds of the AFC Championship Game forever known as the "Ice Bowl".

John Elway's 90+ yard drive that ended Cleveland's season in the AFC Championship game.

Ernest Byner's fumble just before going into the end zone against the Broncos that cost us the AFC Championship Game the season after "The Drive" by Elway.

And then came the heart-breaker of all heart-breakers, when Art Modell (who is on my list of possibilities to be the Ant-Christ) moved my beloved Cleveland Browns to Baltimore (I still can't stomach even saying the word "Raven").

And this season appeared to be another bust where you wonder if you should start rooting for your team to keep losing just so you win something...the first pick in the upcoming draft.

But that all changed last Thursday night. I have to be honest - I missed the game. My wife and I were on our annual December getaway where we finish all of our Christmas shopping and do all of our wrapping. We stayed in a log cabin in Leesburg, VA which was originally built in the early 1800's and had been masterfully restored. It was great but there was no TV and I really didn't think anything of it because I doubt you can find a Cleveland fan anywhere that gave the Browns any chance of winning that game.

At about 11:30 Thursday night I was awakened as my cell phone lit up like a Christmas tree with everyone texting me about the game. WOW! How does a Cleveland fan get back to sleep after hearing that good news?

Yes, it was only our 2nd win of the season (we beat Buffalo earlier in the year in a 6-3 showing of two AFC offensive power houses) but this one was against Pittsburgh! Now if you are a Cleveland Browns fan you will completely understand when I say that even if we lose out and end the season with just these two wins it will be well worth it!!! We beat the dreadful (I can think of other adjectives but since I am a pastor I will not type them) Pittsburgh Steelers and pretty much knocked them out of the playoofs to boot. Now that is a great season!!


danny2 said...

another shortsighted cleveland fan, wins the battle but loses the war.

the loss to cleveland was pure tomlin genius. now, odds are you will keep mangini (as a steelers fan, i do not mind facing mangini twice a year...kind of like facing rich rodriguez every year. eventually tressel will need to lay one down so old richrod can keep his job).

more than that, i kept hearing the rumor that next year we would hear: Bill Cowher, Head Coach, CLEVELAND BROWNS.

that simply cannot be allowed to happen.

so congrats on the win, but it set you back another 15 years!

danny2 said...

at least, that's my theory.

Pastor Scott said...

Two words, Danny - "SORE LOSER"!!!!

BTW, I agree about Mangini. I was not for his hiring when it happened.