Thursday, December 10, 2009

5-Year Vision Plan Update

Last February 2009 we unveiled our 5-Year Vision Plan for Grace Church. This plan has as its foundation our purpose as a church which is to meet as many people as possible right where they are at and help move them to where God wants them to be.

As we near the one year mark into this 5-year plan, our ultimate goals remain the same. Five years from now we would like to be a ministry that has five services each weekend on campus as well as two services at satellite campuses with 3,000 people attending these 7 services each week and 1500 adults actively involved in CONNECT Groups. We would like to see at least 10 church sponsored short term mission trips taking place that would result in our church sending out two additional individuals/couples into full-time overseas vocational missions work with 50% of their support coming from our church. We would like to have 40 people on the church payroll and complete two major renovations including our café/foyer expansion and a renovation of our Young wing and chapel into a state of the art facility for children’s/student ministry.

As we continue to move in this direction we continue to focus on five major areas. These five areas are to continue to be our first priorities when it comes to facility, budget, staffing, and scheduling. These five areas include:

· Multiple Services/Children’s Ministry
· Satellite Campuses
· Connect Groups/Discipleship
· Student Ministry/Educational Ministry
· Missions

Our goal for the calendar year 2009 was threefold. First, we wanted to see the foyer/lobby renovation completed. By the time we reach our one year mark (February 2010) we will be within a couple of months of this being realty. Second, we wanted to see 30 new CONNECT Groups started. During our just completed Fall Campaign we saw over 50 groups taking place. Third, we wanted to see two church sponsored mission trips take place. A trip to Africa took place last winter. Our youth LEAD team went to Ireland this past summer. Mike and Joan McCracken were part of a very important and strategic summit in Cambodia this past fall. And this December another team from Grace Church will be going to Spain.

As we look ahead to 2010 we have four major goals for the coming year to continue to move us toward the completion of or 5-year vision plan. These goals include the following:

· Seeing our foyer/café renovation completed
· Seeing 2 additional church sponsored short term mission trips taken
· Seeing 30 additional CONNECT Groups added
· Seeing a 4th weekend service started on Saturday night

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