Saturday, December 26, 2009

THIS SUNDAY'S LIVE WEBCAST: Dealing with the Post-Holiday Let-Down

Christmas Day is over. What's next?

The tree needs to come down!

The decorations need put back up in the attic!

You have to climb back up on the roof in the cold and take the lights down!

All that trash needs to go out to the curb!

The extended family will all be leaving!

The bills will be coming!

The long winter is just starting!

And all of those things can lead to your annual "Post-Christmas Let-Down" - if you let it! Be sure to join us here at Grace Church this Sunday morning (8:30AM; 10AM; 11:30AM) as we finish our "Avoiding the Christmas Crash" message series by looking at 3 principles from Matthew 2 that will help us to avoid the "Post-Holiday Let-Down" this year!

If you cannot join us live here in Lititz, then be sure to watch the live webcast of our 10am service in its entirety by going to

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