Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Service Highlights

Between all three services we had 1,491 people in attendance! The highest attended of the 3 services was 710 people at the 5:00pm service! There were 471 at the 6:30pm service and 310 at the 8pm service.

I loved watching my kids sing in all three services. Special thanks to all of our musicians, techs, ushers and other staff and volunteers who worked so hard on Christmas Eve. I love doing ministry with all of you!

And how about that piano player on “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree?” And let’s not leave out the 3 ladies who sang the song, those great musicians and Tim Reedy, our Media Producer who put all of the pictures together. Awesome job, everyone!

Boy, did David Felty nail that solo!!!!! I loved it…all three times!!!! I never get tired of hearing him sing.

The Beuggerts, our missionaries in Thailand, watched the 6:30pm service that we broadcast live on the Internet. They are 12 hours ahead of us so they would have been watching our Christmas Eve service at 6:30am Christmas morning! How cool is that?

Rumor has it from a very reliable source that a marriage proposal was made and accepted during the candle-lighting time of our 5:00pm service. Now that is awesome! I won’t give any names until this information has been verified.

Hats off to our Worship Arts team that pulled out all of the stops this month. In 23 years of pastoral ministry, this was by far the best December of ministry that I can ever remember. And it is not done yet. This Sunday we end our “Avoiding the Christmas Crash” series by looking at how to deal with the post-holiday letdown.

Remember, Christmas isn’t just about celebrating the past – it is also about anticipating future because that same Jesus promised that He will come again!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!


Anonymous said...

We have been going to various Christmas Eve Services for many years. This was our first at Grace but by far the best. We had non-Christian friends with us and can't wait to hear their comments. Thanks again for a great job by everyone. The music was beautiful

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I am so glad that you and your friends were able to join us for Christmas Eve at Grace. I was so thrilled with all three services. Blessings to you!