Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grace Elevate Team To Spend Christmas In Europe

Missionaries working to plant Grace Brethren churches all over Europe get together every three years to talk over practical issues and to encourage each other. This meeting is held at Christmas because it is a holiday all the European countries have in common. Each time the conference is held the missionaries ask an American church to teach and encourage their kids who come with them to the conference.

Almost a year ago Grace Church was asked if we wanted to help with this year's European Family Conference to be held in Spain at the end of December 2009. After prayer and consultation with the mission team, the Grace Kids ministry asked several members of the Elevate team to consider a trip to Spain to "do" VBS for the missionary children.

Tuesday, December 22nd, the following team from Grace Church leaves for Europe for 10 days of ministry and encouragement to our missionaries in France and Spain (the team is pictured above):

Brad and Laura Lutz
Tim and Susan Auld along with their children Emma and Josh
Jill and Dean Lutz with their children Montana and Maggie
Sue and Marlin Weaver

Some of the highlights will include Christmas at the Chateau de St Albain with the Chateau team; a 10 hour bus ride to the conference center near Barcelona, Spain; and New Years Eve with the Macon Grace Brethren Church.

Please pray that the team from our church will encourage the missionaries in their ministries and that they would encourage the Missionary Kids in their faith and help them connect with each other. Please also pray that our team would become more aware of what God is doing in Europe and that they would have safe travels.
Pastor Tim will be writing regular updates and posting them on his blog. He has already written an introductory article (

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