Monday, December 21, 2009

BEST Christmas Service EVER

In spite of the biggest snow in recent years and most all other churches closing, we still had our 2nd and 3rd morning services here at Grace yesterday. Between the 900+ people that were here on campus and the 350+ that watched the live feed of the 10am service on the internet, we were still able to minister to well over 1,200 people on the Sunday morning before Christmas.

It was without question the best Christmas service I have ever been part of. The set, the music and the special effects were absolutely amazing. And how about that baby Jesus? He was wonderful both services - seemingly cooing and smiling on cue. And I am still laughing at how that sheep "bleated" when I took the baby Jesus from Mary to finish my message. It was as if that sheep was looking at me saying, "Hey, put that kid down."

The feedback we are getting about Sunday is absolutely amazing. If you were not here at Grace last Sunday, I would encourage you to watch the video through one of our websites ( or

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