Friday, December 11, 2009


As this week draws to an end, let me just share a hodgepodge of thoughts that are rolling around in my head. They won’t have any rhyme or reason to their order but here we go:

Today, Laura and I are finishing up our 2-night/3-day holiday getaway that we do each and every December where we finish all of our Christmas shopping and do all of our Christmas wrapping. This year we found a beautiful place in Leesburg, VA. I love spending time away with my wife (cottage pictured above).

Saturday will be an important day as due to our Holiday Getaway I have had a very short week in preparing for Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, you don’t want to miss this week. The Hershey Big Band will be playing some great secular and sacred Christmas music in the auditorium 25 minutes prior to each of our three morning services. Our Adult Worship Choir as well as our High School Choir and Ministry Team from Lititz Christian School will also be part of the musical celebration as we continue our Avoiding the Christmas Crash message series.

How do you like that new lobby at church? WOW! And it will even have more of a WOW FACTOR when the new lighting arrives and gets installed.

I am really looking forward to two very special Christmas events here at Grace this year including the Lititz Christian School Christmas Concert on Thursday the 17th and then our three Christmas Eve services on the 24th at 5pm; 6:30pm and 8pm.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have lost 23 pounds since Labor Day. I guess all those nights of going to bed hungry have been worth it after all.

My Cleveland Browns have only won one game this season. But that’s OK. As long as the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t make the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl last year I will still count it as a very successful year of football.

I heard we are supposed to get more snow here in Lancaster County this winter than usual. I sure hope that is true. I love to watch it snow. And if you are wondering if this snow will cause us to cancel Sunday services – it won’t. Unless the State Police issue a state of emergency asking all motorists to stay off the road we will worship as usual on Sunday here at Grace.

Only 14 days until Christmas and only 21 days until our Year of Prayer starts here at Grace Church. I can’t wait for either.

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if every radio station quit playing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”; "Dominique the Donkey”; and “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the radio station songs! Dominick the Donkey is the worst "Christmas" song OF ALL TIME!!

Rick Glass said...

The radio stations can also stop playing "Christmas Shoes." Although, a nice story in the song, it's played too much!

You were way to nice in your mention of the Browns / Steelers?!?
After that beating and all the black-n-gold fans at Grace figured you'd kinda rub that in! ...since your spiritual gift is not mercy and you can get away with it, that is.

Pastor Scott said...

See my new post for Saturday, Rick. My mercy didn't last long.

jeff said...

what about Porkey Pig singing "I'll have a blue Christmas.. "

that's gotta go down as one of the all time greatest..

Pastor Scott said...

Jeff, That's a good one. I actually haven't heard it yet this year. Surely I won't make it through an entire Christmas without hearing the Porkster sing!

David said...

He sings every Sunday on stage:)

Pastor Scott said...

Ah, David, at least he sounds good!!!!!

Becky said...

Hey David, we go "hog wild" when you sing!!! We love you!