Friday, March 27, 2009

What Our Church Staff Are Saying About Our Vision Plan (part 4)

Doug Kegarise – Director of Student Ministries (pictured)

This plan just makes sense! My position and emotions are unique as someone who grew up in this church, and now serves on staff at a very “different” church. In the midst of that, I have been studying for my masters and doing a lot of analysis in my own mind of what the body of Christ is all about, and what the local body of believers should look like. As I continue to cement those perspectives in my mind, I could not be more excited about the direction that Grace Church is heading. This plan will be difficult for many – and I understand that – having been a part of this church for my entire life. At the same time, as the world around us changes and our culture continues to shift, it is essential that we make tough decisions if we are really all about meeting and moving people. There are other ways to meet and move people – ways that would be more comfortable. But it is not about us! It is about most effectively meeting and moving as many people as possible to where God wants them to be. This plan establishes that as our priority, and that is something to get excited about. I can’t wait to see how God will continue to grow thousands of people into fully-devoted followers of Christ, and I’m humbled to be a part.

More specifically, I am excited about the first renovation project. This new café area will be a perfect setting for our regular student ministry programming as well as special events. This could not have come at a better time! As I have been praying about the next few years, I couldn’t have even dreamed this plan up! I was concerned about our facility as we are quickly out-growing the space allotted to us. Just last week I presented this concern to Pastor Tim – and a week later, I heard that this plan was in the works!

John Kegarise – Elder Board Chairman

Just finished up some time with God and was thinking and praying through some things. In doing so I was processing the vision plan in my mind and am really very comfortable with all of it. Jazzed about it would probably fit better. I am a very practical basic kind of person and this vision really appeals to me in many ways. Things that I really think are very pragmatic for our ministry to grow, yet really need to be accomplished, are the cafe and the remodeling of the Young Chapel wing. This alone will enhance the future growth of our primary campus.

We could just rest on the remodeling and the additional space and growth it will provide, but the off campus sites pushes us out into the culture. This will cause us to engage the culture on multiple levels and will put us on the offensive. We will be taking the gospel to the culture! We have seed money in place to jump start the initial phases of the vision. For the first time, your leadership staff has synergy and are feeding off the efforts of one another. The organizational structure of the leadership is beginning to take form and that brings confidence to your staff and those of use who volunteer our time. "These are the fundamentals that must be in place to move forward in confidence. God is good!

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