Monday, March 23, 2009

5-Year Vision Plan...Facility Expansion

How does this 5-year vision plan affect our strategy for facility expansion?

This vision plan would put building a new auditorium/sanctuary on an indefinite hold. It is our committed belief that we will be able to meet and move far more numbers of people through multiple services on campus and through satellite campuses than we would be able to by building a bigger auditorium/sanctuary and going back to 1 or 2 Sunday morning services. This was greatly evidenced in the fact that in the first 11 weeks since we added a third Sunday morning service we jumped on average nearly 24% (or 290 people). The recent renovations to the auditorium done by the school have also made it much more conducive to our worship services.

We also believe that this is a far more economically based plan. To build an auditorium would require moving our athletic fields to our land across the street. To accomplish this and a new auditorium would easily be a 10-20 million dollar project. For far less money we can renovate our current facility to make it more ministry conducive to our vision plan and add the facilities, equipment and staffing needed to launch satellite campuses resulting in our being able to meet and move far more people for much less money.

What kind of facility expansion does this vision plan call for over the next 5 years?

This vision plan calls for two renovations of our current facility. The first is a foyer renovation and expansion. Our current foyer is in desperate need of a facelift in order to make it more ministry effective and to have it as a better first impressions to all of our guests. Our current restrooms and parking are well under what we need for our growing ministry so this vision plan calls for this renovation to include additional restrooms and parking. This would also provide needed office space for our growing staff.

This vision plan also calls for building a 4800 square foot addition off of the sunroom that would include additional restrooms as well as large coffee café where hundreds of people can sit around tables and connect and fellowship. This area would also be equipped with large screen televisions and wireless internet so that it can communicate pertinent ministry announcements and be used for overflow if needed. This area would also open up far more fellowship opportunities for all of our ministries and have an outdoor concession area for sporting events and other outdoor ministry activities. Our youth ministry has completely outgrown the youth room for their Wednesday night ministry. This café area would become the area for youth ministry on Wednesday nights.

The second renovation in this five year vision plan would be to change our existing Young Chapel and Wing into more of a state of the art wing for our children’s ministry. Currently we have over 600 nursery through 12 graders that attend on a Sunday morning here at Grace. 22% of our Sunday morning attendance is 6th grade and under. This wing of our church was never designed for a Children’s Ministry of our size.


Deb English said...

I have a good name for the coffee cafe "Sacred Grounds"!

Pastor Scott said...

Hey, that's good! Thanks, Deb!