Monday, March 09, 2009

Recent Random Ramblings

Typically my blog postings center around one theme or issue in my life or ministry. But today I thought I would take the time to show you just how warped I really am (in case you weren’t convinced of that fact yet) by sharing a few paragraphs of random ramblings I have had recently. The following are in no way connected to each other except by the fact that they all gave birth in my mind.

Official Obama Stimulus Package Location:

So starting in April all of us who make less than $250,000 a year (Whew! I just squeaked by on that one) will be seeing a few more dollars in our paychecks courtesy of President Obama’s Stimulus Package. The hope of the Obama Administration is that Americans like us will spend that money to help get the economy going once again. So I want to officially announce to you that Grace Church of Lititz is an Official Obama Stimulus Package Tithing Location. So as you see some more dollars in your paychecks week to week, help stimulate our ministry economy by spending your stimulus package wisely by increasing your tithe and giving to Grace Church!

Giving Up Certain Foods Temporarily

Lent is in high gear. I have to be honest, I have never observed lent. This is the time of year that, for a 40 day period leading up to Easter, people give up something important to them. Well, it is not due to lent, but for a temporary time-period I did give up all foods that I really, really like and enjoy. Why did I do this? Because my son got the flu and was throwing up. Then my wife got the flu right after that and she spent a night hugging the porcelain throne as well. It didn’t take me long to realize that in all likelihood I would be sick in a few days as well. Now when I get the stomach flu, folks, it’s ugly. I am what you would call a “violent vomitter.” When I get done, you need to bring in the hazardous materials squad to wipe down the ceiling and walls. So as a result, whatever I eat before I throw up…it is usually years before I ever want to eat that same thing again. So knowing that the flu was most likely right around the corner for me, I gave up all food that I really, really like to ensure that these foods would not be what got recycled if indeed the flu bug stung me! This way I will still want to eat those favorite foods of mine after the flu has completely left my system. Smart, aren’t I?

The Best Time of The Year

For a sports enthusiast like me, this is just the best time of year. March Madness is in high gear and with it we are also on the heels of the playoffs for the National Hockey League. But best of all, Spring Training has begun. I pay the $14.95 a year for Gameday Audio so that I can listen to all the games over the internet while I am in the office. And this year we get the icing on the cake this time of year as the World Baseball Classic is also on tap. Man, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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